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tv   RTE News Six One  PBS  December 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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one. what she knew was with would overtake him. ray kennedy. since hospital comes under the microscope. but the lichen they see here's
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the senior staff members receive top ups the latest health agency and that a controversy. it is your duty through the years. everyone in the system. you folks going on. it was apparent that no one took a nap farmers protest over at no cost selling of fresh fruit and vegetables by major supermarkets what's going on here is undermining the income of farmers. and cleaning up after the storm but there's a warning high winds and heavy rain could be back tomorrow. you know. six one. the accounts committee has heard that three senior
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staff at st hospital in dublin have been seeking top up payments which the hospital and sits up from private funds and not from any charitable donations the minister for health dr riley has warned the hospital they will be serious consequences if it doesn't comply but pay policy the agency says it considers that just eight of forty four fallen to help agencies under examination not compliant. i don't have be given unto the end of january to come into line. voluntary hospitals and health agencies under the microscope for a couple pay for senior staff in nearly two and a half billion euro in funding each year. today the focus moved to st vincent's university hospital in dublin and extra pay to three senior staff least the hospital insists does not come from phones st vincent says it is in compliance with putting a policy based on its legal reading of the tissue. not so according to the minister for health today warned st
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vincent's of serious consequences if they fail to comply. at the accounts committee today the secretary general of the department of response to claims by some agencies as there were informal arrangements on top of pay no evidence whatever of any impropriety of the park expect these numbers the suggestion of invalid and that is no such thing as eventful touch it either section or it's not. it's either a piece of paper were dealing with money the agency told the committee today. it currently considers just eight of the forty four health agencies to be compliant. many are the easiest and can you verify. it is the third day he says he is third in the sense that i put them the departing for. cds the agency. the matter be resolved as a matter of course and see. shinn fein deputy leader mary lou
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mcdonald described the situation as symphonic i think it is an indictment of the departments under the hsc the mother of it was going to manage the lack of money is known for signs of these bodies. this community through the years. a reward in the system. you folks going on i was american and no one does with it clarification was also given today over claims last week that the mater hospital upgrade the phantom phone. in relation to six hundred and sixty six thousand euro the kids each year from the simple remedial can make for a pension scheme. master chief executive mary daly city has administered the pension scheme for one hundred and eighty c r c staff with the approval or knowledge of the department of health center hate to see it return to these computations financial costs it seems that i didn't see the c of c staff members' pension payments as and when
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they fall into a house believing the sea or see a future pension payments to its employees. the former crc chief executive brian common is to be asked to appear before the committee on the sixteenth of january. and section thirty eight agencies have been given until the end of january to show full compliance with pay policy for all of ours rte news. up is because paul martinez jones joins us now from government buildings and mark did a good evening to you and the committee has been waiting for some information from saint vincent and some of the development of the funds can you bring us up with. they then tied it was another eventful day at the accounts committee and it has to be said that lots of questions and also some anger directed at st vincent's health care group at one stage the chairman of the committee of sticking to see a picture to go ahead and to call thinking it's going to happen if they were going to cooperate with the accounts committee and if they didn't they would consider plus it would do next. more than keen to get the safe instance would be
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furnishing a statement to the accounts committee by the close of business though we never have that pressure from the chairman of the st vincent's health care group protested no clean and empty space they are complying with qantas sector pay policy that's based on their interpretation of its kind under the advice and he said the device can be furnished to the committee. when it's considered by their boards we also said that he had informed the ptc back into hasn't and naive that we senior executives had to make contacts that they were in receipt of separate remuneration and this pretty sick to work for the private interest of the group. they say it separate from their executives of service commitments. they say is it's simply a source of income from st vincent's private hospital. anyway dun say that no are charged both phones weren't bought the odyssey in response to this deceiving the chairman of the accounts committee john mcguinness has said that there are still lots of questions for the st vincent's group to answer and
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the commission wants them to appear before them. he is seen as the sixteenth of january and up the dates when that former ceo of the crc is due to appear before the accounts committee. so obviously a step in to insta care group is top of the weekend's agenda now and this is it is not over by any means. but what if the syrup covered the ice for tina. in contrast us diplomat richard house this afternoon presented northern items by main political parties with his second to documenting death was helping some of the problems in northern ireland's peace process. i know that it is very comical and joins us now to tell me what's the reaction is that it passed within sight of the finishing line or is he in trouble. well let's talk about blogs trying to do sports teams attempting to find solutions to three problem areas. the past parades and facts. this is the second doctor the doctor that he is presented to the fight main political parties of the evidence would suggest that he's making for
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a substantial progress on two of those areas. on the past and operates all the costs for instance such a huge area there is a process and the structures that would allow for instance proper investigation that would allow a community of sorts in return for useful truthful information and also a former people would be able to tell their stories on fraser has been progress is whether the sticky issue. it's only a difficult one for you to miss his side's middle of the row that erupted for the union jack was removed from belfast city hall and how to fly will be up. it is designated dates that's too bad very very big bone of contention for unionist. that's where i think most of the two in freud is going on. if i were to read it this evening. it's clear that in any negotiations that comes a time of these parties to stop looking behind them and take the leap of faith are moving towards that they're not get there. but the same time i'm
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sure it can be influenced by what's going on between the british and irish governments in founders today i think it's because of that because of the momentum that in these talks in staff for some more days. telecom in cancun. around two hundred farmers to stage protests over the cheap selling officials in crude stocks a number of supermarket chains farmers and to some stores and legal practice in dublin the goal hope all of the te papa and then gave them away free two houses falling. but farmers planted owned stores premises in st stephen's green center in dublin customers could only steer lately i have a president john bryant even keep his cronies with all the fixed with some promotion and six and a packet. with chants of shame over what he sees damaging below cost selling been paid to the goats and distribute them free to pass by. what's going on here on the rowing and the income of farmers. everyday retailer said deer turned it on that's not true we have to give farmers. but for farmers
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in their opening round this week and told her get past what they got last week stores to provide you hidden in the world sending patients for a few cents to christmas to entice customers. he needs to provide you all a dispute that claim they are passing the cost of motion back to farmers. stephen stewart eat the stairs to the companies themselves are absorbing costs. it was a wisconsin priest took to build stores whatever the farmer view of the steep price cuts could be represented on the idea for consumers in the extensive run up to christmas. so what do consumers take. let it take me but not good for the part timers. we still would love to do. it will take a bbq. i don't think it's a great second son's head. to make runs to make money about. farmers stores called to protest. jobs in its price. the minister to move in the long promised consumer and competition bill
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which would address the relationship between producers retailers consumers a department spokesperson said it has been finalized and will be published early next year. chill the greedy or too new the cso figures show that the economy grew by one point five cents in the three months to the end of september for twelve months the economy grew by one point seven percent becomes correspondent sean whelan is here. sean executive of the pickers deposits of cigarettes or what two people make of these were the docket the economy around them. what the economists of the may he often is it that their sons of a ballot saying that the economy that has been covering a much stronger growth than some of the meet at the console that was happening. this group is being driven by domestic demand growth in exports the exports were provoked laughter in the quarter. it's all coming from the domestic side of the economy and people think it's the first time in five years we've seen any real growth happening there. it's primarily be an investment at building things boeing machinery for company's investment in the economy. it also a little bit of additional spending
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all the bones out of consumers' so afraid to look at the bottom of this week an interesting article from the imf this afternoon and from hh off track with some interesting parking spots for europe of the eurozone to consign that's right said mr chopra is retiring from the imf the next couple weeks but he set the bar fight lessons from the irish they let the one that stands out here of course that is he said it was unfair not to be burned onto ceases the eurozone authorities prevented the irish authorities from applying losses the senior bondholders said to have been changing their mind to a fraud in the course but willing to help the political campaign the ongoing campaign to try get some of the fun back to solidify some opposition few days will catch up the bill a chamber at lunchtime today they were protesting over to contain the most services to over explain it has been includes measures to introduce the momentum fortunes case. the desserts are a woman accepted as having no debate on this one around this through. it stuck with tactics and i was going on here it's the bulldozing
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of legislation we have not been given the opportunity to properties which you really get to it. there certainly needs to be an address of this and if the current quarter which is to tickle the spot for people circulate of our support. these terms company liberty mutual is creating one hundred and fifty jobs at its base and largest town in dublin. new jobs will be providing likes he supports the company says it's looking for college crowd to its people with technology skills. people beginning to end. at thirty six er old man has been sentenced to life in prison for the marriage of a man he's kept more than a hundred times. stella mccartney had pleaded not guilty to murdering davis flight to dublin in two thousand today the storm according being driven away to prison this afternoon after he was convicted of the murder of thirty five your gun and opened five years ago. dave and point at the misfortune to come across thirty six year old on his way home from the pub in september of two thousand and eight accounts bc which cost him his life today his grieving family
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still don't own one was killed. with the lady if there is no motive. it was an option to type them and so bought some stuff in the wrong place wrong time he was walking home from the pulpit us a note in the new evidence given the use of talks. he was stabbed to death. he was left on his own in a strange place nobody knew where laws nobody knew what was wrong are we didn't know we'd be receiving this land and the solid core. he was absolutely innocent according to first attacked david weiss in the spring before taking him in a font of harvest time. walking into the old graveyard new name and stabbing him over a hundred times. his body was later discovered my job the storm according to some violent and dangerous criminal. dissident republican has already served time in prison for explosives offences. today the jury found him guilty of murdering david weiss by unanimous verdict. mr justice party
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place sentenced him to the moms in terms of life in prison. paul reynolds fourteen use the central criminal court. an ambulance was not dispatched to a toddler who later died in hospital from head injuries because two and even skin tone tend to staff failed to follow step procedure. that's according to the medical head of the national ambulance service. the was speaking after the publication of the findings of an investigation into the incident in court last may. this month the jury returned a verdict of accidental death in the case of two year old kyra it's my two nieces. change today in christy's parents have to plan and the dance was available. it wasn't dispatched because the controller for the child to suffer to simple cold today the findings of an independent review group commissioned by the national and the service was published that the causal factors that we intend to find. was initially found. thorpe or
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reported that under the snp this time resources and levels of rainfall. but in fact today. deviations from procedures and standards and protocols. it found that there was a deviation from priests teach or preach failed to appropriately assess the child's condition and to provide post dispatch advice to the color. builds upon the decision not to send an ambulance was not based on current to complete information the call was not and boots and appropriately and the longstanding existing procedures and cannot control center that time are not followers. that should not have happened. it resulted in on snopes dispatching an emergency albums we should stop snoring sounds. her status was available and had a peanut gets caught with bean. on seeing that within eighteen minutes to proceed to cut costs. i did in good faith but gold coast were broken heel to police that the delay didn't affect the ultimate outcome for the time there
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recommendations relating to a higher level of priority must be given to look all over uses information is available where a person does not speak english. jenny o'sullivan rte news car association of second the teachers at our lowest household to accept the huntington road agreements the photos fifty percent fifty seven percent in favor. this tea i had previously projected the agreement. he is having to roll with cream and today is over. we know expect governments to deliver everything that seemed agreement. we won't be making sure i'm holding the tour comes because a major part of the problem was that the previous agreed it was when a guy like awesome. we make sure it doesn't leak independent senator john kyl has accused sen const hospital of a coverup in relation to events taking box two thousand and two senator crowned who works as an oncologist at the hospital speaking of a privilege in the shot and he said the hospital had charts health insurance for comfort
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roads have been provided for free. hospital bosses were being questioned in committee rooms of mr haines in another part of the building today senator john pratt who also works in contests hospital said that private health insurers have being charged for concert rooms which have been keeping to the hospital for free. the offense he said that the doc ten years but merely said he had new information in them documents recently come into my possession. i'm quite happy to just awesome church minister for help because they refer to money that is what should be taken from the ball in the health insurance up which is the sole sharehold and of all private insurance entsow cony tt the was a coverup conducted by the managf st vincent's hospital in respect of this. much is taken from the hostel said it had written to the center in relation to what it described as very serious allegations and has asked him to forgo the master of extreme urgency
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all information key housing relation to the master the statement also ss that an indepennt investigation by forecasters at the time stated that their work on the clinical studies did not indicate any evidence of collusion or fraud buy stuff or within the hospital. for its part to be a joint sitting to his name to be warming to where the charges had been raised for high cost concert tools used to treat patients with your provider had received free of charge is engaged pricewaterhousecoors t investigate the matter and we could all of them on these over one million euro to be re used incorrectly. this evening a skes person for the minister for health to james roy has already discussed the matter with officials of us don't cry and to provide relevant information to the department to consider what further steps should be no taking government support even use the association of second the teachers are loans has voted to accept the huntington road agreements the ve was fifty percent fifty seven percent in favor. this tea i had previsly projected
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the acquaintance. he is having to hold the agreement to these is over. we know expect the government to deliver everything that seemed agreement. we won't be ming sure i'm holding the tour comes because a major part of the problem was that the previous agreed it was when a guy like awesome we make sure that doesn't happen again. moreover some joined by our industry employment correspondent in court monday. it is what is this is a sturdy christmas present for the government of having to grow just a really significant about that but it's a he is as it often at the asc i was the only service union but it remained outside the fold. this left it exposed to the rather more draconian snp legislation emergency financing legislation. not thathey are within the fall it again it means fact and they will have the protections of having two wrote. i think that some sources were wondering this evening weather and brendan how that might be out by the unions to appeal more to cody and elements of the fact the legislation that needs to
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be seen but it is a good day to pick up and couldn't recover but not all be succumbing to finish his work some arm rings in the health area. we know where i think yesterday to put the case that the health service that title but the hsc has had created some apples i anxious moments for unions. basically at the set that they were seeking a hundred and fourteen million in savings from huntington wrote but i will contemplate making on to the type to unspecified pay savings. today two unions have said that under no circumstances with a date on anything outside the huntington road agreement they say that's what they've given moment anymore. in fact the nurses union the imo constitute on i think that and we have to wait to see government side is saying that having two rode all the savings would be secured on to huntington wrote there is only one policy review and if that's the case quite with the sec protecting given secondly some sources were saying that they hate to see description was unhelpful you might think. finally tonight children from chernobyl or i take today to spend the festive season in ireland. they're o and abandoned town from
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impoverished homes in parts of the groups was taped by the new qantas the act. there was christmas cheer hugs and smiles all around it to open the airport today. center welcomes fifty youngsters from chernobyl to learn that it's good to visit and they only look forward to. this procedure is coming to our family for the last six years it has been so christmas just wouldn't be the same if we did it happen. these are our family sold their current enough though. the audience this december just the next few weeks are going at the discount rate for the kitten home islands. i forgot. also among the group dissension then came the film themes going on every stall excuse was destroyed by a freak lightning striking to me. dozens of euro has been raised here to be built is not uncommon and are at last
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the leaders of the protective fence about his stuff moments of silence at all what happened that this is who they are if you like it like the ambassadors for all of the field and sent it back in the case with a come from there is a second chance and there. and yet to come into itunes. he's just kind of like the mike and ike's nine this is me but the message of christmas is all about her home loan market. the sixty children and spends the next two and half weeks here in itunes. in telling everything that goes with them. i know it's christmas a single thing i want to lose at some airports. that's six one needs to bury me to catch up
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i am. like a botched job the ups store to the track and field tested the nineteenth of december us expresses regret over


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